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Obligee Definition:

The person who is to receive the benefit of someone else's obligation.

Related Terms: Promisee, Obligor, Creditor

The beneficiary or recipient of the benefit of a contractual or legal duty.

In civil law jurisdictions, the term is as set out at §1756 of the Louisiana Civil Code:

"An obligation is a legal relationship whereby a person, called the obligor, is bound to render a performance in favor of another, called the obligee.  Performance may consist of giving, doing, or not doing something."

Some jurisdictions refer to the recipient of family support as an obligee using the term obligee parent, for example, to refer to the child support or spousal support recipient, the spousal or child support payor being the support obligor.

The term is also used to describe the person who is the beneficiary of a bond; to whose favour a bond is issued or given.

Both the generic and bond-specific concepts are incorporated in John Bouvier's American Law Dictionary of 1856 as follows:

"OBLIGEE or CREDITOR. The person in favor of whom some obligation is contracted, whether such obligation be to pay money, or to do, or not to do something."


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