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Obligor Definition:

A person who is contractually or legally, committed or obliged, to providing something to another person (the obligee).

Related Terms: Promisor, Obligee, Debtor

The recipient of the obligor's benefit is the obligee.

The person to whom the benefit of an obligation flows.

Also referred to as the promissor with the recipient, the promisee.

The person who binds himself, acting as a surety or giving security, for another's contractual obligation, by a bond, is referred to as an obligor.

The Louisiana Civil Code prefers the civil law word "obligation" to the common law term contract. In many ways, the terms are interchangeable.

In the Louisiana Code, obligation is defined as follows:

"An obligation is a legal relationship whereby a person, called the obligor, is bound to render a performance in favor of another, called the obligee.  Performance may consist of giving, doing, or not doing something."

In a contractual sense, an obligor is the debtor.

In John Bouvier's 1856 (American) Law Dictionary, the term obligor is defined as follows:

"OBLIGOR or DEBTOR. The person who has engaged to perform some obligation. The word obligor, in its more technical signification, is applied to designate one who makes a bond."

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