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Payor Definition:

The person who makes required payment(s).

Related Terms: Payee, Drawee, Child Support, Spousal Support

In the context of family law, the word would typically refer to the person obliged to make child support or maintenance payment to the payee or recipient pursuant to a Court order or a separation or other child support agreement.

For an example of usage in a statute, Nova Scotia's Maintenance Enforcement Act (1994-95 SNS Chapter 6 published at canlii.org///ns/laws/sta/1994-95c.6/index.html) defines a payor as:

"... a person required under a maintenance order to pay maintenance."

Or Prince Edward Island's Maintenance Enforcement Act (1988 RSPEI Chapter M-1):

"[P]ayor means a person who is required to pay maintenance or support pursuant to a maintenance order."

In commercial law, the word refers to the person who makes the payment on a cheque or check or bill of exchange.

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