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Plaintiff Definition:

The person who initiates, who brings or files a case with a court; who sues.

Related Terms: Defendant, Respondent, Litigant, Internet

The person who starts, brings an case to court; who sues or who asks the Court for a trial and, if successful, enforceable relief.

In Re Shirleys Limited:

"Plaintiff means a person who commences an action."

May also be called "claimant", "petitioner" or "applicant".

The person being sued is generally called the defendant or the respondent.

A plaintiff commences the pleadings of a Court action by writing, filing and delivery of a statement of claim.

In a tort action, the plaintiff is the one who alleges injury or damages.


  • Re Shirleys Limited [1919] 10 WWR 918 (Saskatchewan)

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