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Pro Socio Definition:

Latin: on behalf of a partnership.

To act for a partnership.

A court application stated to be pro socio is made on behalf of a partnership.

Used in Justinian's Institutes of 533 (III, xxv, 9) as follows:

"It has been asked whether one partner is liable to another by the partnership action (pro socio) only for his fraud, like one who allows a thing to be deposited with him, or also for negligence, i.e. in respect of his inertia and lack of care: the view prevailed that he is liable also for negligence. But negligence, in this context, is not directed to the highest standard of care: it is enough that the partner shows, in partnership matters, such care as he would show in his own affairs. For one who takes a partner who is deficient in care, should complain of himself (i.e. attribute the defect to himself)."


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