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REMO Definition:

Abbreviation for reciprocal enforcement of maintenance orders, an international system of enforcement of support orders.

Related Terms: UIFSA, URESA

Abbreviation for reciprocal enforcement of maintenance orders and the name of the international system of recognition, registration and enforcement of child and spousal support orders between countries which have agreed, between themselves, to enforce each other’s child, spousal or family support or maintenance orders.

The benefit of such a system as it reduces the options for a person trying to avoid his or her child or family support obligations by relocating to another country.

Originally created by England, the international REMO system now spreads over many countries.

In the USA, the system is known as UIFSA or URESA.

Canadian provinces have replaced their REMO statutes with statutes entitled Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act, providing a slightly different process for the reciprocal enforcement of child support or spousal support orders.

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