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Ratione Soli Definition:

Latin: In relation to territory, land.

Related Terms: Ratione Personae, Ratione Loci

A term of international law, maritime law and of animal law.

In international law, actions taken ratione soli were underststood to refer to acts taken in relation to territory per se or on the basis of, for example, an allegation of jurisdiction over certain teritory..

One examople sometimes given is the proposal made by the English Kings "from the twelfth century onwards" to intercept any shipping circulatinghthe British Isles and to claim to have the right to do so rationae soli.1

In the context of animal law, as the authors of the chapter on "Animals" at volume 2(1) of Halsbury's Laws of England, 4th Edition Reissue (203) wrote, at page 261:

"The owner of land who has retained the exclusive right to hunt, take and kill animals ferae naturae on his own land has a qualified property rationae soli in them for the time being while they are there."

For this proposal of law, the author relies on Blades v Higgs [1865] H.L. 621.


NOTE 1: Bullock, Angary, 3 Brit. Y.B. of Int'l L. 99 (1922-1923) at page 102.

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