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Regiam Majestatem Definition:

An ancient compendium of Scottish law; circa 1320.
flag of ScotlandA compendium of law as applicable in Scotland for which neither the author nor the exact date of publication has ever been definitively determined.

Working with the mention in the Regiam Majestatem of a statute dated 1318, most scholars date the document to the reign of Robert the Bruce (which started in 1306 and ended with his death in 1329).

White and Willock called the Regiam "a book of Scots law of venerable antiquity" which was mostly borrowed from Ranulf de Glanvill's abridgement, circa 1188, Tractatus (Granvill was Justicar, the chief justice minister of Henry II); aka Treatise on the Laws and Customs of England (1188).


  • White, Robin and Willock, Ian, The Scottish Legal System, 2nd Ed. (Edinburgh: Butterworths, 1999), page 20.

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