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Remanet Definition:

Latin: an action that has been put over, deferred to a later time.

A law suit or action that has been stood over, deferred to a future sitting of the court, usually because the court simply ran out of time to hear all the cases on its list.

In the jurisdictions that use this term, the court's will maintain a formal list of such cases, called a remanet list, a variation of a judicial "to-do" list, representing cases which are still pending but which have not been set down to a specific date.

In criminal law, the term is often used in reference to a sentence as in sentence remanet, referring in that context to time remaining to be served on a particular sentence. For example, in R v Blake (2006 YKTC 116), Yukon judge Faulkner used these words in calculating a convicted person's sentence remanet:

"... he has something in the order of 86 to 88 days of pre-sentence custody.  Grossed up by a factor of 1.5, that would give him credit for roughly 130 days, or four and a half months.  The result then is that there be a sentence of one year but allowing four and a half months credit, leaves a remanet of seven and a half months to be served."

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