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Sociopath Definition:

An individual unable to respond to and operate within the rules of society

Related Terms: Psychopath, Moral Insanity

In R. v. P., judge Whelan of the Saskatchewan Provincial Court adopted these words from expert evidence:

"... sociopathy or psychopathy ... is an inability to understand and respond to and operate within the rules of society.

"It is a problem with moral evaluation."

Schmidt offers the clinical name of the disorder, sociopathic personality disorder, described as follows:

"A psychiatric  term describing personality disorders in which the individual does not conform to the oprevailing cultural patterns."


  • R. v. P., 195 Sask. R. 37 (2000)
  • Schmidt, J. E., Attorney's Dictionary of Medicine (San Fransisco, LexisNexis, 2009), Volume 5, page S-191.

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