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Transferee Definition:

A person who receives property being transferred.

Related Terms: Transferor, Transfer

The person from whom the property is moving is called the transferor.

The 8th edition (1914) of John Bouvier's law dictionary described a transferee as "he to whom a transfer is made" and a transferor as "one who makes a transfer".

the transferee recieve what the transferor transfersMeeting the legal requirements of a transferee can have legal consequences, especially if the transfer goes wrong or there is some issue with the ownership or condition of the property being transferred. In the context of bankruptcy proceedings, Justice Fay of the United States Court of Appeals, in Re International Administrative Services, opined that the to be transferee:

"... a party must have exercised a degree of dominion and control over the property transferred, or held some sort of beneficial right in it."

Similar but not identical words were used previously by Justice Easterbrook in Bonded Financial v European American Bank again in the context of bankruptcy litigation (emphasis added):

"(T)he minimum requirement of status as a transferee is dominion over the money or other asset, the right to put the money to one's own purposes."

The purpose of these distinctions is to exclude agents and trustees from the definition as these parties do not have dominion or the unfettered ability to put the property to their own use.


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