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Union Definition:

A defined group of employees formed for the purposes of representing those employees with the employer as to the terms of a collective contract of employment.

Related Terms: Trade Union, Labor Organization, Labor Union, Collective Bargaining, Collective Bargaining Agreement, Yellow Dog Contract, Strike, Union Shop, Closed Shop, Disclaimer of Interest

In Harbour Electric, the provincial labour arbitrator wrote:

"To be recognized as a union, an organization must establish that there is a local organization of employees banded together in a contractual relationship with each other for common purposes and objectives, one of which is the regulation of labour relations.

"There is no question in this case of the local character of the association, or that the association intends to pursue a collective bargaining relationship on behalf of employees.

"Even if the organization is local or provincial in character, and has as one of its purposes the collective representation of employees within the province, the Board must also be satisfied that there is a viable entity capable of carrying out the obligations expected of a union."
Also known as a trade union, labor union or a labor organization.


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