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Vendor Definition:

The seller; the person selling.

Related Terms: Transferor, Sale

"The seller; one who disposes of a thing in consideration of money."

Thus John Bouvier defined vendor.

Vendor is the person who sells a thing, also known as the seller.

One who sells, regardless of the character of the property sold.1

In American Container Corporation v Hanley Trucking, Justice Herbert of the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division wrote:

"A sale is defined by the Uniform Commercial Code as the passing of title from the seller to the buyer for a price. Seller means a person who sells or contracts to sell goods....

"A sale is a contract between two parties called, respectively, the seller (or vendor) and the buyer, (or purchaser), by which the former, in consideration of the payment or promise of payment of a certain price in money, transfers to the latter the title and the possession of property.

"These are simply formalized statements of principles known to every layman: A sale is a transfer of goods for consideration, and the seller is generally the party that receives the consideration and effects the transfer."

In more historical legal terminology,  the person to whom the sale is made is referred to as the vendee.

All are variations of the Latin term for sale, vendito, and include also vendible; that which is capable of being sold.


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