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Wildlife Definition:

Animals living in their natural habitat and not within the possession or control of humans.

Related Terms: Ferae Naturae, Domestic Animal, Animal

In his article published in the Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, Michigan State University professor david Favre wrote:

"The term wildlife refers to the animals of this earth that are not the property of human beings and are not under direct human dominion and control....

grizzly bear"Historically, wildlife have not had independent standing in the legal system. Rather the legal system has presumed that wildlife are available for use and consumption by humans, thus their lower legal status as things.

"Within the realm of the law, animals are divided into two primary categories: domestic animals within the direct dominion and control of humans, and wildlife that remain outside of human control....

"[T]here are many sub-categories, including game animals, endangered animals and feral animals."

See also §934 of the Civil Code of Quebec 2014:

"934. Things without an owner are things belonging to no one, such as animals in the wild, or formerly in captivity but that have returned to the wild, and aquatic fauna, and things abandoned by their owner."



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