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"MacLaw" it ain't; just the best, sweetest and often ancient law of the fine folk North of Hadrrrrian's Wall.

The Scottish law term for a barrister; one who argues cases for clients before the Court.
An alternate term for arbitrator; preferred in some jurisdictions such as Scotland.
Scots law: the seizure of monies owned by a debtor but held by a third-party.
The degree of attention or care required of a person in a given situation.
Great Britain
England, Wales and Scotland, since 1707.
Great Seal
A formal and unique seal pressed onto wax used mostly in medieval or even previous times, to authenticate important documents emanating from a monarch.
Scot law: real property.
A legal procedure to prevent a debtor from compromising property upon which a creditor holds a charge.
Letters of Exculpation
Scots law: a subpoena, in the form of a warrant, to a material witness in a criminal matter to testify at trial.
Lord Advocate
Scottish law: head of public prosecutions and the investigation of deaths.
Scots law: rent.
The Scottish law term for umpire.
Party Litigant
Scotland - a party to litigation who self-represents, without benefit of solicitor or barrister in court or on the record.
Periculo Petentis
At the risk of the perpetrator.
Scottish law: The seizure of a judgment debtor's personal property to satisfy the terms of the judgment.
Poinding of the Ground
Scottish law: The post-judgment seizure and judicial sale, of the judgment debtor's property attached to his land, to satisfy the terms of the judgment.
Scots law: Court of Sessions judge's notes later compiled and released to jurists for study and precedent purposes, now superseded by modern law reports.
Procurator Fiscal
Scots law: the prosecutor who acts on behalf of the state in criminal prosecutions.
A rule of jurisdiction which enables a counterclaim against another who, although otherwise beyond the jurisdiction of the court, has voluntarily submitted to jurisdiction by iniating the principal action.
Regiam Majestatem
An ancient compendium of Scottish law; circa 1320.
Res Noviter Veniens Ad Notitiam
Latin: Fact(s) newly coming to knowledge.
United Kingdom
England and Wales with Scotland (forming Great Britain), and Northern Ireland.

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