Legal Resource Sections

  • Animal Law - A distinct but essential area of the law as here, more so than elsewhere, the law must speak for creatures that cannot speak for themselves.
  • Bankruptcy - If you are sailing a financial Titanic, this is a must! Insolvency and it's bully sibling, bankruptcy - it is a matter of know thy enemy.
  • Civil Litigation - Fightin' in the free world: the how-to of law suits and legal proceedings.
  • Consumer & Commercial - You sell, you buy. But the legal matrix underneath this simple yet oft-repeated reflex is a labyrinth best entered in the warm sunshine of legal knowledge.
  • Contracts - I agree. With those words, I do ye wed to contract. Git yer eyes open bro! Know da law 'fore ya sign sumpin'.
  • Criminal Law - Knock knock. Who's there? The Police! Freedom has its limits and the toughest, meanest of all is criminal law.
  • Elder Law, Wills, Trusts, Estates - The law recognizes the uniqueness of issues related to being old and, in some cases, gives preferential treatment to seniors. Read all about it!
  • Employment & Labour Law - Bosses and employees - night and day. Shed light on your legal rights on what is the 2nd oldest human relationship.
  • Family Law - Love and marriage ... and sex and child support. It's not all a bed of roses but we do what we can to sprinkle the petals of law on the well-traveled road of family law.
  • Intellectual Property - Intellectual property, patents, copyright, trademarks - all ethereal property rights but oh! ... so valuable.
  • International Law - International Law
  • Maritime Law - Maritime Law resources
  • Real Estate & Tenancy - Real estate or real property is property for the big boys. To get some of that, you need legal knowledge and for that, well .... can you mouse click?
  • School Law - Schools and education are the wings of our future and need a neat legal foundation that causes no drag. Here is this century's version.
  • Tort & Personal Injury - Pain can = $. Just ask any attorney. These pages breakdown the complex legal formula between your personal injury and compensation, and the error, omission or tort of someone else.
  • Traffic Law - Covers topics like tailgating and drunk driving (DUI).