Tax and Family Law Issues

If you’ve ever dropped some oil into a glass of water, you’ll have an idea how compatible income tax and family law are. But get along they must as both are the children of the federal government and somewhere, in some Ottawa committee meeting, they’ve managed to come up with a wild myriad of rules to deal with overlap.

The Step-Parent's Survival Guide to the Law: Post-Separation

One steps into a step-parenting relationship usually with the best of loving and caring intentions. When or if one day - bang! - she's over and done with, well, she's ain't! The law recognizes step-parents and while entitling them to often not-wanted access rights, certainly does hold them to hefty child support obligations ... under certain very important conditions.

Transferring an Action to Another Jurisdiction or Registry: Let The Games Begin!

Transerring an Action to Another Jurisdiction or Registry: Let The Games Begin!
Transferring a family law file from one registry, or jurisdiction, to another, opens up a can of worms. But if you gotta do what you gotta do, the law is there to support you.

Undue Hardship - The Child Support Paradox

Undue Hardship - The Child Support Paradox
Child support is not always straight-forward. There are times where, in rare circumstances, holding a certain payor to his legal and moral duty would create a ... well ... an undue hardship!

Views of a Child & Separated Parents: Living With Dad or Mom

Too often, when their parents separate or divorce, the children are not even heard on the issue most dear to them: whether they live with Mom or Dad. But it's not all gloom and doom. Kids can get a say albeit much can depend on which trial judge their parents draw.
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