Real Estate and Tenancy Law Dictionary

Real estate, landlord and tenancy law and property law law dictionary.

Air, Water and Subsurface Rights

'To whomever owns the land, shall own the earth to its center and up to the heavens', has spoken the law since time immemorial. That, before the advent of planes, trains and automobiles (and underground subways and power lines).

Easements & Covenants

Easements and covenants can be like leaches; easily on but a devil to shake ... and painful; too!

Adverse Possession

Adverse Possession | The Law Behind Land Squatters
The law of squatters rights, aka adverse possession.

British Columbia Real Estate Law

Surprise! Each Canadian province has distinct law dealing with real property. Hmm. I wonder why? I digress. Politics. Sorry. Anyway ... for those of you with a legal  interest in real property in BC, this article brings forward the distinctions you need to be aware of in regards to basic real property law.

Canadian Real-Estate Law Fee simple ... NOT! Fee simple estates and life estates.

Fee simple ... NOT!

Fence Law: The Law of Fences

Fence Law: The Law of Fences
The law of fences: good fences make good neighbours. No fences can make rich lawyers.

Foreclosure Law 101: When Mortgages Go Bad

Foreclosure Law 101: When Mortgages Go Bad
Foreclosure is the worst case scenario for a home-owner. Know your legal rights as the bank moves in for the kill.

History of Real Estate Law:

History of Real Estate Law

Real property has traditionally been the most valuable of all property. Long are the days when possession or might made a landowner. But the history of real estate law sets a fascinating background to this branch of the law rich in verbiage and ancient principles.

Joint and Common Tenancies

Joint and common tenancies: the sisters of esoteric ownership.

Land Titles | Beginner's Guide to the Law Behind the Official Registration of Land Ownership

Land Titles | Beginner's Guide to the Law Behind the Official Registration of Land Ownership
The points of detail of a land titles seems long on forms and complex law. This legal information article peels away the legal gobbledygook and reveals the simplicity and raison d'etre of it.

License v Lease: Distinguishing the Oft-Indistinguishable

License v Lease: Distinguishing the Oft-Indistinguishable
Distinguishing the lease from the license can be all but impossible in some situations whilst the consequences nonetheless significant.

Property Law Cases

Property Law Cases
Ahh the joys of chattels!

Qualified, Conditional Ownership

With land ownership, you can be "half-pregnant", and then some!

Residential Tenancy Law In British Columbia

For 40% of the population, residential tenancy is their choice or form of housing.

Rule Against Perpetuities

Rule Against Perpetuities
"You! Recite the rule against perpetuities" You're a little shady on the Book of Genesis but you remember enough to think this Guy is not someone to fool with. Relax! Let us save your life.

The Real Estate Purchase Contract. Caveat emptor, emptor, emptor!

No contract in the life of most people will ever compare to the importance of the contract for the purchase of real estate. Few properly understand this critical document here, finally dissected and laid before you in all its gory detail.

Tree Law

Tree Law
Tree law: the law of trees and their roots and branches.
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